How to Ger Free Laptops for College Students

Everything is made simple by technology, which is intriguing. Numerous improvements, including those in laptops, computers, and mobile phones, can be viewed as part of technological developments. These gadgets are all being developed to complete tasks more quickly and accurately. It’s worth talking about laptops. Because they are a portable type of computer, laptops have become very popular due to their size and functionality.

Since processors, input devices, and output devices are typically independent entities, computers are appropriate for fixed placement. While laptops are small, weigh between 2 and 5 kg, and have a keyboard, trackpad, and screen all in one. Because a laptop has these features, it can be used anywhere and, unlike a PC, can operate without a power source because it has a battery.

Free Laptops for College Students

Depending on their features, size, battery life, and other characteristics, laptops are divided into various categories. These are generically categorised as Notebooks, which are basic laptops with weights of 5 to 6 pounds; Ultrabooks, which are thinner and offer longer battery life; Netbooks, which are smaller laptops with less processing power; Desktop laptops, which despite their name are not typically portable and can weigh up to 10 pounds but are not fixed as computers either; and Tablets, which are multitasking laptops with smaller screens and great efficiency.

Many industry powerhouses have introduced some top-notch laptop models in the past few years. Among these giants are companies like Apple, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, and others. Laptops are utilised for a variety of tasks, including work and school. Those who both work and study undoubtedly have a laptop. Laptops are wonderful for gaming as well as for work and school. According to surveys, customers like Ultrabooks above other laptop models because of their performance capabilities.

Why Do Students Need Laptops That Are Free?

The leading laptop manufacturers in terms of sales are HP and Dell. This is because they offer competitive pricing and a variety of solutions for different uses. The cost of a laptop can range from $500 to $2,000, depending on the model. The laptop’s price primarily relies on what it is used for. Simple workplace laptops are more affordable than high-end or gaming laptops, which are typically more expensive. The majority of Americans live in homes with at least one laptop.

Anyone looking to purchase a laptop should be aware of its configuration and the justification for their requirement. Numerous factors, such as memory, battery life, weight, etc., must be taken into account. It might be challenging for persons experiencing financial hardship to acquire a basic laptop, which costs about $500. These individuals are seeking additional ways to get a laptop for free or at a discounted price. Due to the fact that laptops are now required for employment and that even students heavily rely on them for assignments and online classes, those who lack the funds to purchase a laptop must rely on organisations that offer free laptops.

Ways for College Students to Obtain Free Laptops:

There are numerous methods for obtaining free computers. Laptops are typically required by students since they are useful for a variety of tasks, including research, note-taking, and completing assignments. Here are a few methods for giving away computers for free.

Free laptops offered by the government of the United States: 

Students in particular can receive free computers from the government of the United States. Below is a discussion of the programs run by the United States government.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversees the Affordable Connectivity Program, which was created from the Emergency Broadband Benefits programe. As of December 2021, applications for the Affordable Connectivity Program were being accepted on a periodic basis. It was first suggested in November 2021. With the help of 14.2 billion dollars, this programe will make wireless connectivity and cheap gadgets like computers, tablets, and smartphones available to low-income households.

The Affordable Connectivity Program dedicated to low-income households can get benefits up to 30 dollars per month on their wireless connectivity services. Moreover, if the applicant has a low income and is from tribal land can be subjected to a discount of over 75 dollars per month on their wireless connectivity services.

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The Affordable Connectivity Program also provides eligible applicants with 100 dollars discount on electronic device purchases like laptops, smartphones and tablets. Helping everyone through this program is not possible due to its limited funds. There are certain eligibility rules that need to be qualified by the applicant in order to get assistance from the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Federal Pell Grant :

The Basic Educational Opportunity Grant, formerly known as Pell Grant, underwent a name change in 1980. The Pell Grant is funded by the federal government of the United States in order to cover the educational costs of students who are experiencing financial hardship. The United States Department of Education is in charge of overseeing this Pell Grant. Students who haven’t finished their first bachelor’s degree yet are eligible for financial aid. The Pell Grant offers funds to students who have been determined to be eligible.

These scholarships are available for students to utilise at United States government-approved institutions. With the help of these funds, students can also purchase laptops, which they can utilise effectively for their coursework. Before October 1st of each year, the student and the student’s family must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form in order to be eligible for grants. The government has given qualifying students a grant worth 6845 dollars for the academic year of 2022–2023 in order to support their education.

A high school diploma or GED plus a score on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) test determine eligibility. Students may always receive assistance from society, according to the department of social and health services. The Department of Social and Health Services constantly reaches out to students for assistance. In this situation, students wishing for free computers can get in touch with the Department of Social and Health Services office in your area and submit their request.

Disaster Assistance

Disasters might cause you to lose everything all at once in an instant, which is difficult. Due to the calamities, people’s lives are severely impacted and damaged. They are left without a place to stay, food, or clothing. In this respect, the American government offers support to those who have been affected by a disaster through its disaster assistance program.

The families receive food, clothing, and shelter from them. In addition to this, the government assists in children’s education who are affected by disasters. Additionally, they give away free laptops to individuals pursuing higher education. Students who are in need of assistance and who have been affected by calamities can get in touch with their neighbourhood assisting agency.

Non-Profit Organisations Free Laptops for College Students

There are numerous organisations that can assist children in getting computers for free. These organisations must have an eligibility requirement for the students who receive services. Depending on the organisation, different people are eligible. A few nonprofit organisations that offer assistance in this area are listed below.

Alliance for technology

The organisation that is interested in promoting digitalization, the Alliance for Technology, provides assistance to information technology enterprises. They want to provide everyone with access to digital resources like the internet and connected devices. They provided a range of programs, such as those on accounting, actuarial, investment, procurement, and reporting, as well as ones on workplace services, information security, digital interactions, and decommissioning. They also presented lectures on artificial intelligence, big data, business intelligence, and blockchain.

Computer with Causes:

“Computer with Causes” is another fantastic nonprofit organisation that provides free computers to the underprivileged. This organisation is more like a charity than a non-profit. This programme focuses more on the attention of seniors, veterans, teachers, and students. Visit their website for additional details and to submit an application. Assistance from this programme may also be provided to people who have already registered for the government-run food stamp programme.

Pcs for people

This nonprofit organisation also seeks to provide low-income households with access to other nonprofit organisations, the internet, and efficient computers at a reasonable price. Their objective is to provide low-income people and families with access to technology and the internet. Before being handed to those in need, the computers were donated and refurbished. Over 1.9 lakh refurbished smartphones have already been distributed through this organisation.

With Causes

With Causes is a nonprofit organisation that works to improve people’s lives. For anyone going through a difficult period, from single parents to veterans, there are several relief programs accessible. Just a few of their programs include support for numerous educational causes, assistance for battered women and children, direct giving programs to low-income families, help for the elderly, financial aid for paediatric care, support for animal overpopulation and homelessness, support for active military and veterans, and support for charitable organisations with similar priorities. They also provide children in need with access to refurbished laptops and computers through a programe called Reuse and Recycle PCs.

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It is a nonprofit website run at the local level that promotes recycling ideas and waste reduction. With the help of this website, one can purchase used goods for a lower cost. To sign up for this, go to Freecycle: Front Door – official website and do so there. Those who are interested in giving away the used goods publish an advertisement, and anyone who is interested in buying it can get in touch with them. In this approach, computers can be purchased at a significant discount.


Its mission is to assist the underprivileged communities in the United States. This organisation was founded in 2012. This organisation offers poor communities electronics, internet connectivity, and digital training at inexpensive prices. The EveryoneOn organisation has so far provided thousands with digital tools and training as well as millions of people with internet connectivity.

The Salvation Army:

Since its founding in 1852, The Salvation Army has been one of the most respected nonprofit organisations in the country. In addition to serving the United States, it also provides services to 131 other nations worldwide. In order to help those who are defenceless, they offer a variety of services. Free laptops are another service provided by the Salvation Army. Donations of computers are accepted, and these are made accessible to anyone who contacts the Salvation Army for assistance.


Since it was founded in 1926, the Goodwill Industry of Northwest North Carolina has operated as a nonprofit. This organisation is empowering people’s lives by offering training and employment thanks to the donations they receive. In order to provide refurbished equipment to those in need, the Goodwill organisation also takes contributions of PCs and laptops.

National Cristina Foundation

A private organisation called the National Cristina Foundation was founded in 1984. This organisation strives to remove social barriers to internet access. The goal of this organisation is to help the less fortunate access the internet and digital gadgets while promoting digitalization. This also has a partnership with a group called Digitunity, whose motto is similar to theirs. Donations in the form of equipment or cash can be made to this organisation, and these are then given to the qualified individuals.

World Computer Exchange

This organisation, which operates on a national scale, has partnered with numerous other nonprofits and charities to give individuals access to technological devices. A free laptop is available to everyone who qualifies for the programe and is obtained through donations.

Scholarships to Get Free Laptop

Students can purchase computers for themselves through a variety of means, including scholarships. The students that excel in their academics are given scholarships. These students are eligible to apply for the scholarships listed below.

Apple scholarships

Everyone is familiar with Apple and its goods, including iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and other devices. One of the biggest businesses securing control over the electronic sector. Low-income families have always received support from Apple, and the company has always embraced students from these families. Apple has launched a campaign dubbed “Everyone Can Code” in an effort to support students.

This campaign’s major goal is to arm students with the newest technologies and prepare them for the future. Apple offers scholarships to students as part of this initiative, and in exchange, they receive MacBook Air computers. One must submit an online scholarship application to Apple in order to be considered for one. The prize is given to students who demonstrate academic excellence.

Dell scholarships

Dell is another corporation that provides assistance to small enterprises and students. In order to motivate and assist them in achieving a bright future, scholarships are also given to students in high school and those who are at levels above undergraduate study. Students who are awarded the scholarship may use it to pay for college expenses and other study-related expenses.

This scholarship programme was made public in 2004. To apply for this program, you must meet a number of eligibility requirements. For additional information, go to their website. The scholarships listed above are available to students who live in any state in the United States; thus, they are available to residents of the entire country.

In addition to this, there are a number of other scholarship programs, most of which are state-specific or focus on particular demographics, such as Computing Initiative Carolina, the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation (MCWTF), and Chickasaw Nation Higher Education. These programs offer scholarships to support kids who excel in the classroom and plan to pursue higher education in the future.

Universities that provide free laptops 

Have you heard of any colleges or universities that offer laptops to students who enrol with them? In fact, that is true. Even though the cost of the laptop is paid by the course completion fee, these cannot really be considered free. However, this is fantastic news for students who received scholarships to attend these universities. In the United States, there are numerous such institutions and universities that offer laptops to their students. Some of these colleges and universities are listed below.

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University of Rochester

Dedicated mostly to research studies, the University of Rochester is a private institution. It is situated in New York, United States, where it was established in 1820. There are currently more than 12000 students registered in the university, and they have excellent teachers. The University of Rochester also provides financial aid to students in order to purchase computers for academic use. Additionally, they have a laptop loan programe that allows students with proper IDs to borrow laptops from admin.

Full Sail University

In Water Park, Florida, there is another private university called Full Sail University. Initially a centre for recording arts production, it has started to offer instruction since 1980. This university offers a number of online courses in addition to its on-campus programs. In the fields of music, design, computer animation, and business, they provide associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Laptops are available to anyone enrolled in a course at this university. The computers offered vary depending on the course you enrol in.

Widener University

Pennsylvania is the home of Widener University, which has existed there since 1821. It began as a boys’ school, changed into a military academy, and now offers education to anybody desiring a brighter future. More than 60 programs are available. They offer a variety of degrees, including associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. This private university has a 200-year history and has graduated many people with various degrees. Students at Widener University are also given laptops for use in their study.

University of Minnesota-Crookston

The University of Minnesota was established in Crookston, Minnesota, in 1966. It is one of the five public universities that make up the Minnesota university system. Students from 20 different nations enrol at this university, which grants bachelor’s degrees. There are now 1800 students there pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, this university provides laptops for its pupils. Students that require laptops can get in touch with them.

Bethel University

In Minnesota, a private Christian institution and seminary called Bethel University, which dates back about 151 years, is situated. The students at this university have access to bachelor’s, master’s, and seminary programs. They provide approximately 100 programs through their two institutions, graduate school, and seminary, all of which are under their control. The university offers students laptops as one of its initiatives. Being a student at Bethel University qualifies you to receive a laptop.

Centenary College of Louisiana

Louisiana is home to the private liberal arts college known as Centenary College. This university was established in 1825 and is connected to the United Methodist Church. They provide a variety of liberal arts courses as well as internships that give students practical work experience. Students who pursue education here can lead better lives and have better jobs with the right staffing and curriculum. When registering for a course at Centenary College of Louisiana, students are also given laptop computers.

Wake Forest University

This institution of higher learning was established in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 1834. This university offers over 45 majors, 60 minors, and several other extra programs across its six colleges and schools. This university, where there are several thousand students, also enrols students from other states and nations. In accordance with United States News and World Report, they were ranked 29th in the country in 2022. Students are also given laptops based on their needs.

Chatham University

This institution of higher learning was established in Pennsylvania in 1869. It was originally founded as a women’s university but in 2015 it opened its doors to males as well. They offer about 60 graduate and undergraduate courses in fields like sustainability, business, health sciences, and the arts. Chatham University, which has nearly 2000 students enrolled in various degrees, also assists the students in acquiring laptops.


Having a laptop is incredibly handy in this day and time where everything is becoming digital. For students, having a personal laptop for themselves is required, and the majority of universities now encourage students to purchase a laptop for themselves. Not everyone can afford a laptop. Since they cannot afford to buy a laptop for their school or college work, students who are working hard but have little resources find themselves in a difficult position. Everything you need to know about getting free laptops is in this comprehensive article. Those who require laptops immediately can read this article and select an acceptable method of acquiring it.

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