Best Churches That Help With Utility Bills [2023]

In every six households in the United States, with over 20 million households are unable to pay their utility bills. The National Energy Assistance Directors Association reports that the amount of past-due utility bills in June was $16 billion, which is double the amount in 2019. Approximately 20% of people have been evicted and are now homeless because utility bills have been deferred for months.

Churches That Help With Utility Bills

Numerous initiatives have been started to assist those who were unable to pay their utility bills because of a lack of resources. Government, religious institutions, and nonprofit organisations are in charge of some of these. This article will surely be helpful to you if you’re looking for a way to pay off your utility bills.

Monthly Cost Churches Provide for Utility Bill

This section gives you an idea of what exactly is included in utility bills if you’re curious. All of the following are regarded as utilities: electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, trash, internet, phone, and streaming services. In the United States, the average monthly cost of utilities is between $500 and $650. Below is an overview of average monthly utility costs for each category.

  • Electricity – $100 to $150
  • Natural gas – $60 to $70
  • Water – $40 to $50
  • Sewer – $60 to $70
  • Trash – $25 to $100
  • Internet – $70 to $80
  • Phone – $140 to $150
  • Streaming services – $50 to $60

Note: These are approximations for an individual and are not certain. Depending on how many people live in a given household, it changes.

Each Utility bill is divided into a number of segments, and the total cost is the sum of all those segments. These segments could be broadly categorised as:

  • Energy Use: This gives energy consumption.
  • Transmission Fees: This includes the amount spent on transmitting energy from the service provider to your house.
  • Distribution Fees: Operations and maintenance costs come under this.
  • Wholesale costs: Amount that energy provider has to pay to provide the services.
  • Other fees: Miscellaneous charges

List of Churches That Help With Utility Bills

All over the United States, churches and nonprofit organisations have been offering a range of services to those who are struggling financially. They offer support with food, shelter, and many other things. Numerous churches and organisations came forward to assist those people as the number of evictions increased as a result of having insufficient funds to pay utility bills. Below is a list of churches and organisations.

Churches That Help With water Bills

The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church helps people pay their utility bills and offers its services across the country. People in need can get financial assistance from this church in an emergency. They also run a number of other initiatives to aid the poor and homeless. You must make contact with the episcopal church and complete the application process in order to receive assistance from them. The episcopal church is the best place to go if you need assistance with your utility bills. However, keep in mind that you must present proof of your low income and the reason you are unable to pay your utility bills.

Address:- 815 Second Avenue New York, NY, US 10017
Contact Number:- +1 212-716-6000
Email :-

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provide a wide range of services to support those in need as a non-profit organisation that is present in 131 nations. These are more of a charitable organisation that develops their service in accordance with the funds. They provide assistance to those in need of housing as well as assistance with utility bill payments. Contact them about assistance with utility bills by going to one of their nearby branches. You can also visit their website to learn more about the services they provide in detail.

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Saint Vincent De Paul Church

It is a well-known national church in the country. They have initiatives that offer people financial aid. In the United States, their programmes are very effective at providing food, shelter, and education. They have always worked to aid the poor and disadvantaged. They also help those who are truly in need with their utility bills. Such individuals can get in touch with this church by visiting them in person or by using their website. In this manner, one can receive assistance from Saint Vincent De Paul Church for all of their issues.

United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church is a prestigious religious organisation with more than 12.6 million members and has been active in 136 countries. They provide a range of services to aid the poor and homeless. They have given the poor around the world about $144. They offer assistance with rent and utility bills, among other things. Visit your local United Methodist church to ask for assistance if you recently lost your job and have gone behind on your payments.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a group that offers help to individuals who recently lost their homes. They help people in many different ways, including by giving them food, clothing, housing, and other necessities. In addition to these, they offer a service to assist with paying utility bills. For more than 140 years, they have helped those in need by providing them with funds and services. Nearly every state in the United States has one of their offices. All you have to do to get assistance for your issue is going to their nearby office.

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Love Inc

Love Inc is another non-profit organisation that provides assistance to the homeless and less fortunate. These are based on faith and are open to anyone in need of assistance. Through their organisation, they have provided assistance to millions of people in Kenya and the United States. Their programmes also provide assistance with utility bills. Many of them are currently having trouble paying their bills due to recent cost increases. They have started a utility bill assistance programme to aid those people.

The Jewish Federation of North America

There are countless services offered to the people by this community, which is also based on religion. The Jewish Federation of North America aims to make society a better place. There are about 300 communities actively assisting those in need worldwide. Hurry and get in touch with any nearby community of The Jewish Federation of North America if you need assistance paying your utility bills.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a nonprofit organisation that raises money and works with charities. Its intention is to end poverty. They have always provided various forms of assistance to the poor and those in need. Hot meals, help with groceries, lodging, and bill assistance are a few of these programmes. One can easily contact them to take advantage of the programmes and services they provide because they have over 138 offices.

How to Get Assistance From the Churches and Non- Profitable Organisations on Utility Bills

If you live in the United States and are experiencing financial difficulties, there are many churches and nonprofit organisations that would be happy to help you in a variety of ways. Of course, assistance with utility bills is included in this.

Visit any of the nearby churches or organisations that provide assistance with utility bills in this regard and submit your application. Although certain factors, such as eligibility and documentation, are taken into account when processing applications.

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  1. Elderly person
  2. Disabled
  3. Low-income household
  4. A single mother with children

The churches and non-profit organisations will offer you full assistance if you fall under one of the following.

Required Documents:

  1. Proof of income of the applicant
  2. For a family, proof of income of all the members of the family
  3. Utility bills notices
  4. Eviction notices

Another Way of Getting Assistance on Utility Bills

In addition to churches and organisations, there are a number of government-sponsored measures that may be regionally or nationally applicable. Visit the website to find out more about this. This website, which is one of the official ones maintained by the United States government, offers details on all of the initiatives carried out by the federal government across the nation.

This was started in 2002 and is run by a partnership of federal agencies. They give information on loans, healthcare and medical assistance, disaster relief assistance, and other types of assistance. They offer assistance in a variety of categories, including housing and public utilities.

Anyone looking for assistance with paying their utility bills can visit this website. Welcome to |, where you can look up programmes in your area.


Since the pandemic, there have been big differences. As things return to normal, inflation appears to be rising, which has been found to be a challenge for millions of Americans. The cost of basic necessities has increased significantly, leaving people with little to no money. According to surveys, utility bills have doubled over the last two years.

It can be challenging for low-income households to pay all of their monthly utility bills. Utility charges have been rising every year therefore churches that help with utility bills are the best way to get help. The government established utility bill assistance programmes to assist such individuals. In addition to this, churches and other organisations are lending a helping hand to prevent evictions.

In this article, you can learn about local churches and organisations offering these special services as well as how to sign up for the programme. Visit these organisations and churches if you need assistance right away. You can also get help from their customer service representatives.

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