Best Churches That Help With Car Repairs For Low Income

The cost of buying a car is almost equivalent to the cost of keeping it. A car needs to be maintained frequently, or at the least whenever there is a problem, for it to perform at its best. With 3.76% annual price inflation, the average cost of car maintenance in 2021 was about $12,000 per year. Of course, it should be noted that maintenance costs vary depending on the type of vehicle.

Churches That Help With Car Repairs

People with low incomes find it very challenging to pay roughly $1000 in car maintenance each month. People are buying cars despite having limited resources because they find them to be very useful for daily work. However, they could not pay for additional maintenance expenses. They will be left with very little money, if any money at all, after all of their income has been spent on rent, monthly surplus, education, and utility bills.

In these circumstances, paying for car maintenance is impossible, so the majority of people continue to drive their vehicles even though they need to be fixed. Cars may stop working after extensive neglect, which results in a significant loss. Different programs that are actively run in the United States by the government and private organisations can help people in such situations. You can find out churches that help with car repairs assistance for car maintenance costs in this article.

Where to Get Car Repair Assistance

When it comes to paying for car repairs, low-income families struggle a lot. While income remains stagnant, prices continue to soar. Paying all the bills when there is only one earner in the family can be very difficult, and there often isn’t enough money for other expenses like car repairs. To assist those who cannot afford to pay, numerous governmental organisations, religious institutions, and private organisations have established car repair aid programs.

You can always look for programs that are active nearby and apply for them if you are having car trouble or your car stopped working due to poor maintenance and you are helpless. These organisations offer aid to those who most need it. Not every application is handled right away. For applicants to receive assistance with auto repairs, they must be eligible.

Eligibility of Car Repair Assistance

A person must first be on the eligibility list in order to apply for car repair assistance. The following are the requirements for this program’s eligibility.

  • Proof of Income.
  • Must be above 18 years.
  • Must hold a valid driving licence.
  • Should submit the vehicle registration/title papers as proof of ownership of the vehicle.
  • Should submit vehicle insurance papers.

You are generally considered acceptable to apply for the car repair assistance program if you meet all of the preceding requirements. Applications should be submitted with supporting documentation for the proofs.

How To Apply For Car Repair Assistance

Most of the above said programs are available if you live in the United States. Check the availability of programs in your area even though some are regional. You must fill out an application form and attach the necessary documentation in order to apply for programs offered by churches and organisations. You can do this offline by going to their closest branch or online. However, keep in mind that in order to apply, you must first meet the requirements; for more information, see this article’s section on eligibility criteria. You will receive assistance with the car repair after submitting your documentation.

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Top Churches That Help With Car Repairs

Numerous initiatives are associated with the government, nonprofits, or religious institutions. Any resident of the United States may apply for some of these because they are nationally applicable. Some laws, on the other hand, are state-specific and only apply to citizens of that state. These organisations work to assist those who are struggling to pay for car repairs. Below is a list of all the churches and organisations that provide assistance with car repairs. Using those as a guide, submit an application to the nearby organisation or church.

churches that help with car repairs near me

United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church has always extended a helping hand to those in need. Not just in the United States, but all over the world, it has a large community. Through their services, they provide for people. Programs for food and shelter, help with utility bills, etc., are a few of them. Many people are finding themselves unable to repair their cars due to rising vehicle maintenance costs. Car breakdowns cause a lot of issues because they are primarily used for work-related purposes. The Car Repair Assistance program was started by the United Methodist Church to help those who urgently needed their car repaired.

St. Vincent de Paul

It ranks among the biggest global and religious organisations. With more than 8 lakh members, they offer services in 140 different countries. They have always offered assistance to the poor through various programs because they are more genuinely worried about them. They help the poor by providing them with food, housing, and many other necessities. Assistance with car repairs is one of their offerings. Low-income individuals who are unable to repair their vehicles themselves can go to a nearby St. Vincent De Paul church for assistance. They partnered together with the neighbourhood mechanics to complete this task.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is the American organisation that people trust the most. This non-profit organisation strives to make people’s lives better. In tough times, they resemble saviours more than anything. Numerous individuals from all over the world have benefited from their services. For those who want to get their cars fixed for nothing or for very little money, they also offer a Car Repair Assistance program. Such people are welcome to fill out an application at the Salvation Army’s nearest branch.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities has been assisting those living in poverty ever since it was founded in 1910. They offer a wide range of assistance services to those in need in an effort to eradicate poverty in the United States. They are dispersed all over the country and are simple to reach thanks to their extensive network. People in financial difficulty can also get help with car repairs. Visit the local Catholic Charities and submit your appeal with the proper documents if you need to fix your car.

Car Ministry Program

It is a local non-profit Christian ministry that seeks to help widows, single mothers, and others in need of financial assistance with car repairs. They have volunteers who are committed to helping the poor with auto repairs. Almost every day, removing major holidays, they are open and offer a variety of car repair services. To view the services they offer and to view their contact information, one can go to their website, CARS Ministry.

Organization That Helps With Car Repairs

church car repair ministry near me

Lutheran Services

It is a faith-based, nonprofit organisation founded in 1997 with the goal of helping those in need all over the country. These are chain-based organisations that are widely available. They provide assistance to those who are in financial need as well as to the elderly, disabled, single mothers, and others. Additionally, they offer assistance with auto repairs and can refer you to nearby shops if they are unable to do so. If the service is not free, you might be able to get a very good discount. For more information, contact the nearby Lutheran organisation branch.

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Ways to Work

It is a nonprofit organisation that offers help with car purchases and repairs. These are only found in a few areas of the United States. They offer low-income families short-term loans with low interest rates so that they can either buy a car or have their car fixed. Based on your eligibility, they give you an amount that can be paid back in very small amounts each month without putting any strain on you. They can be reached at (866) 252-7171, where they will answer all of your questions and inform you of their presence or absence in your area. If they do not currently provide services in your area, they will direct you to a nearby organisation that does.


It is a 1-800 charity organisation that is not for profit, making it extremely peculiar in the US. Their mission is to advance humanity. People give their used cars to this charity in order for it to distribute them to the less fortunate. They give these donated cars, which have undergone minor repairs, to those who are struggling financially and are in urgent need of a vehicle. They personally don’t offer any assistance with auto repair. You can get in touch with them if you need repair assistance because they can recommend other services that may be provided for free or at a low cost.

The Carpenter’s Garage

The Carpenter’s Garage is a nonprofit organisation that focuses on helping charities. They help those with limited resources and offer them services like auto repair. Their services are available to those who are in need of help financially and have very low costs compared to typical expenses. They have already given $1 million to the less fortunate in their neighbourhood.

Brevard County

In response to the Covid pandemic, Brevard County has launched a number of programs to assist families and small businesses. They receive funding from the federal government, and the funds are donated to worthy causes. They offer many different services, such as individual assistance, food assistance, and economic support for small businesses. After verifying the information, they also offer low-income families assistance for car repairs.

The Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation

This Arizona-based foundation helps the locals with their auto repair needs. All Arizonans in need should contact the Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation if they want to get their cars fixed for nothing. They typically direct you to mechanics who can offer you free services. You might be assessed a fee in the event of significant damage, which is effective and reasonable.

Helping Hand Ministry

These are charitable organisations that operate both nationally and internationally. The poor and those in need receive assistance from them. Since its founding in 2017, it has given the community through charities a total of $2.7 billion. The money raised through donations is used to help the less fortunate with a variety of services, including animal needs and rescue funds, educational assistance, disaster relief assistance, employee assistance, financial assistance, medical assistance, and assistance for veterans and employees. In exchange for an explanation for being unable to pay and documentation of low income, they will also help with car repairs.

Local Community Action Agencies

Community Action Agencies are regional, private, and nonprofit organisations in the US. These support low-income families, kids, single mothers, the elderly, and victims of natural disasters through their charitable work. There are more than 100 local Community Action Agencies operating actively throughout the United States. You can get in touch with them and apply for the program if you need help with car repairs. Before evaluating your application, they determine whether you are qualified.

Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program

Arizona residents have access to this program. This program offers support for auto repairs involving emissions. Before processing an application, they have a set of eligibility requirements that the applicant must meet. Their website, Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program Overview | ADEQ Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (, provides information on eligibility. If you are chosen to provide assistance, you must pay $100, and through this program, they will give you $900 in support. Check out the website to learn more about this program’s procedure and contacts.

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Federal Government Assistance for Car Repairs

JARC (Job Access and Reverse Commute)

In the United States, this program is broadcast nationwide. Low-income individuals can get their cars repaired through this program, which is funded by the federal government. This program can help those who are in need right away. Visit their website to find out if your location is serviceable and to submit an application for a free car repair. Sometimes they give you money to get your car fixed instead of free auto repair services.

Veterans Benefits Administration

Veterans Affairs of the United States carries out this. As a token of gratitude for their sacrifices for the country, they provide the veterans with a variety of benefits. These advantages can be used for loans, insurance, health care, and many other things. Additionally, they offer veterans affordable and effective car repair assistance.

Work Force

Another initiative by the United States government to assist citizens with car repairs is this one. They prioritise women and children in particular. You can get assistance through this program if you’re someone who needs assistance with car repairs.

Working Cars for Working Families

This Working Cars for Working Families program was developed by the National Consumer Law Center. They want to help the financially vulnerable members of society who depend on cars for transportation through this program. Through this program, one can receive assistance with both the purchase and maintenance of a car.

Consumer Assistance Program

The Bureau of Automotive Repairs is the organisation behind this program, which is accessible in California. Residents of California can obtain vehicle repairs related to emissions through this program. Along with repair help, they also offer retirement and replacement assistance for vehicles.


1. What is the best way to find a church that can help with car repairs?

There are a few different ways that you can find a church that can help with car repairs. One way is to ask around for recommendations from friends or family members. Another way is to search online for churches in your area that offer this type of assistance. You can also check with your local chamber of commerce or community resources center to see if they have any recommendations.

2. What types of services do churches typically offer for car repairs?

Churches typically offer a variety of services for car repairs, including oil changes, tune-ups, and brake repairs. Some churches may also offer more specialized services such as engine repairs or transmission repairs. It is best to call ahead or check the website of the church you are interested in to see what types of services they offer.

3. How much does it typically cost to get car repairs through a church?

The cost of car repairs through a church will vary depending on the type of repair needed and the church you go to. However, many churches offer discounts or sliding scale pricing for those who cannot afford the full cost of repairs. For more information.


Despite the limited availability of transportation options, people from rural areas have trouble finding employment in urban centres. One can travel for work more quickly and conveniently if they have a car than if they rely on public transportation. A burden, however, is also associated with car maintenance, in addition to the cost of the vehicle itself.

Costs for car maintenance have significantly increased recently. Fear of having one’s car fixed has caused many people to damage their vehicles, which has made it difficult for them to get to work. The government, a few churches, and non-profit organisations have introduced Car Repair Assistance programs to help these people. With the help of these programs, fixing your car will not cost a fortune and, if the problem is minor, it might even be free.

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