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The United States is the third largest in the world in terms of population. There are over 500,000 homeless people in this populous country with over 50 states. People become homeless for many reasons, including low income, marital separation, eviction, domestic violence, and substance abuse therefore those people Churches that give motel vouchers is the best option.

Churches That Give Motel Vouchers

Not only that, most families lose their homes when disaster strikes. Disasters affect at least 218 million people in the United States each year. Such situations are inevitable and frightening. If you have loved ones to care for, losing everything overnight is a terrible thing. Such people must be given shelter, food and assistance. Governments and many other organizations have stepped forward to help those in these unfortunate situations. One of these great initiatives is providing motel vouchers to those in need.

What Is a Motel Voucher?

Motel vouchers can be of two types, the first one being a discounted one which is like a promotional event launched by the motel. These can be provided to frequent visitors or through online rewards. The second one is providing motel vouchers which offer a day or two of stay for free. These are charitable events conducted by churches and organizations to help those who are in a helpless situation and have no shelter . This article discusses the motel vouchers that can be accessed by the homeless.

Where to Get Motel Voucher?

Motel vouchers are provided to the needy and homeless by some non-profitable organizations, churches and government offices. If you or your family are in dire need of accommodation, you can visit any of these organizations or churches that issue motel vouchers. You can also look up online and acquire a motel voucher from the organization’s website. These are provided to those who are eligible. The eligibility criteria for receiving motel vouchers are described below.

List of Churches That Help With Motel Vouchers

churches that help with motel vouchers

The Church is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving society and people’s lives. Various programs are offered to help the homeless, the needy, teenagers, the elderly, and more. There are various organizations, both publicly funded and state-funded and churches, that have started programs to offer motel vouchers. These are provided to people who need emergency evacuation due to difficult situations or are affected by disasters. Take a look at some churches and organizations that offer motel vouchers.

Free Catholic Churches

These are religious communities that are based on faith. There are many catholic churches located around the United States. Their motive is to improve people’s lives and lead them in the right direction. They provide a lot of services to the homeless and the poor. They also offer motel vouchers for those who are in need of shelter for a few days.

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These communities can help you get motel vouchers,  but they don’t provide any accommodation of their own. To acquire the motel vouchers, you must reach out to the Catholic churches near you online or offline and place your request. If you are eligible you will receive a voucher for any available motels.

Lutheran Church Assistance

These are also other religious and non-profitable organizations spread across the United States. They offer many services to people with different backgrounds. It serves approximately 6 million people in the United States each year.

They also provide food and shelter to the homeless and needy. One such service provides motel vouchers to people who are in need of shelter. They have collaborated with various motels to provide vouchers to those in need. Those looking for accommodation can contact the Lutheran church community and get assistance on motel vouchers.

Episcopal Church Assistance

It’s a national religious church committed to helping communities for better growth. They have a variety of programs to help the needy and homeless. They are providing nationwide services to overcome the economic crisis. Homeless people can visit them to gain access to special programs.

The homeless and those in need can turn to them for housing assistance. They are helping the needy by providing some motel vouchers during the crisis. The Episodic Church is always open to those in crisis. Visit the church and apply for housing. You will receive a motel voucher if you are eligible.

United Methodist Church

It is a top church that provides services worldwide. As a national church, they serve millions and offer a variety of programs to help the homeless.  You can access Motel Vouchers Programs and stay at motels for a few days until you find a way to improve your finances. To do this, you will need to visit a nearby church or its administration office and request motel vouchers with a good reason.

Salvation Army Free Motel Voucher

The Salvation Army is a national non-profitable organization that serves a diverse group of peo ple in society. They also offer motel vouchers for those looking for motel accommodation for a short stay.  People who are homeless after being struck by disaster can contact them to acquire motel vouchers. Not only these, but families and single mothers can also apply for this program and they will be supported by the organization.

OrganizationThat Give Motel Vouchers

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross works specifically for those who have been affected by disasters. They provide emergency shelters for people who have lost their homes in disasters. In addition, they help senior citizens, children and families find suitable temporary accommodation. They offer accommodation in nearby motels for those who have recently become homeless.

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NGOs and Government Organizations

There are several other local NGOs and government organizations that can help homeless people in acquiring motel vouchers. These are working with the Salvation Army and governments to help those in need. You can contact them for accommodation support.

Other Programs

Events that are useful for those looking for accommodation are held from time to time. These include Emergency housing vouchers, Free motel vouchers online, Local assistance events . Some of these are done online and you can fill out an application form to get assistance related to shelter.  There are also local events where you can come in person and apply for motel vouchers.

Who Is Eligible to Get Motel Vouchers?

Every organization has set a few limitations on offering motel vouchers. With so many homeless people in the United States, these restrictions provide vouchers for those in dire need of housing. If you looking for shelter and want a motel voucher, you must belong to one of the below categories:

  • Domestic violence: If you are a victim of domestic violence and want to move to improve your life. You can receive motel vouchers by explaining your situation to the church or organization.
  • Elderly: If you are elderly and have no one to care for you and are looking for a place to stay, you can contact a church or organization for these motel vouchers.
  • Eviction: If you are deliberately evicted by your landlord and have no shelter. You can receive motel vouchers by explaining the situation to the church or organization.
  • Affected by disaster: If you and your family are one of those unlucky people who have been hit by a disaster and lost everything overnight, don’t worry. You can get immediate help for temporary shelter by visiting a nearby church organization.
  • Single mother: If you are a single mother who needs to care for your children and you are having difficulty providing them with food and shelter. Many organizations and churches offer special programs to improve your situation. They also offer motel vouchers.
  • Sick or disabled: Being homeless due to illness or disability is hard. In such cases, you can rely on local churches and organizations to find accommodation. They support you with motel vouchers.

Restrictions to Get a Motel Voucher

Various churches and non-profitable organizations run programs that provide assistance with accommodation by offering motel vouchers.  If you are eligible, getting a motel voucher from these churches and organizations is easy. Eligibility criteria is mentioned above in this article.

If you are eligible, please visit the church or organization that issues motel vouchers and submit your application. However, note that there are some restrictions that must be followed in order to obtain motel vouchers. They include:

  1. If applicants get motel vouchers, they should look for ways to improve their financial situation. They have to find a job to make a living.
  2. Only a few days of stay in the motel will be given on a motel voucher.
  3. Exceptions apply to families with children or single mothers with children. They are provided with a stay for longer periods until a better way of life is found
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to Apply for a Motel Voucher?

You can get motel vouchers by visiting churches or organizations that offer such programs. You can also search for free motel vouchers  for the homeless in google and apply online. You will be asked to complete an application form. Depending on your eligibility, you will be contacted to help you find accommodation.

2. Is there any way to get free motel vouchers?

If you are helpless and need evacuation, of course there are various churches and organizations that can help you in this regard. All you have to do is visit them and ask for accommodation. You must be qualified to do this and there are certain restrictions.

3. How long will I be provided accommodation with motel vouchers?

Motels are usually preferred for short stays. A motel voucher allows you to stay in a motel for up to 3 nights. This is temporary housing, usually provided to people who have recently become homeless. This is provided for those looking for a way to support themselves, resting under a roof in times of crisis.

4. How to know if you are eligible for a hotel voucher?

Don’t worry, this article provides you with all the information that you need to get a motel voucher. Refer to the “Who is eligible to get a motel voucher?” section of this article to get detailed information.

5.  Who to contact when looking for a shelter?

If you are in need of shelter, dial the number 211. This is a helpline number that assists the homeless or people in crisis with shelter-related queries. Contact them and tell them about your situation so that they can help you. Through this 211 Motel Voucher Program, homeless people in the United States are provided with immediate shelter.


Clothing, food and housing are basic human needs. Few situations are out of our control. Such situations are, for example, being struck by a disaster, becoming ill, or losing a family member. A person in this situation is helpless and cannot afford to meet their basic needs. There are many Churches That Give Motel Vouchers to those in need.

If you find yourself in such a situation and would like to stay temporarily until you can sort out the situation and find a way to raise funds, churches and organizations are ready to help you. You can get motel vouchers for temporary stays. Simply visit such organizations and apply for programs that offer motel vouchers.

If you are eligible and have a valid reason to be homeless, the process should not take long. This is a temporary fix, but we recommend it for the time being and until you look for other solutions. This article describes all churches and organizations that can offer motel vouchers, eligibility, and restrictions.

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